Britvic to collaborate with suppliers to cut Scope 3 carbon emissions

Britvic is inviting key European supply partners responsible for approximately 70-80% of its Scope 3 carbon emissions to update contracts to include c ...


Support for Ukraine

We want to do our utmost to support the Ukrainian people.


Britvic mixers introduces fruity twist with pink Raspberry Tonic

Britvic is introducing Pink Raspberry Tonic to its line-up, following the success of its first flavoured tonic launch - Elderflower - in spring 2021. ...


Britvic sponsors Beatsody in Tenerife

We are proud to have been a sponsor of the first Beatsody event : To the Sky.


Different formats for different occasions

Our premium tonic is always equally good, but it is not enjoyed in the same way on all occasions.


Britvic cordials now on sale

Britvic's range of cordials arrives to Spain.


Introducing Britvic low calorie elderflower tonic

Clean, crisp and full of definition, Britvic Low Calorie Elderflower Tonic Water delivers floral elderflower and fresh citrus hues, perfectly complem ...


Britvic Indian Tonic Water awarded by the International Taste and Quality Institute

Another day, another award. This time the International Taste and Quality Institute have awarded Britvic Indian Tonic Water the 3 Star ‘exceptional’ p ...


Discover our full range of mixers and juicers

From 1938 to the present day we have developed 11 varieties of juices and mixers.


Britvic Spain lands on social networks

We have already arrived in Spain, follow us on our social networks.